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  • Coal Division
    STG establish the separate sector for Coal Divison.
  • Ship Brokers
    STG is recognized as one of the biggest SHIPBREAKING agency.
  • Cargo Handling
    STG is one of the Leading Cargo Handling Company.
  • Vessel Agents
    STG is the largest single tramping agent in Pakistan. Featuring in "Lloyds Ports of the World" and "Fairplay" Publications.
  • Cement Department
    STG is actively involved in CEMENT Import and Export sector in Pakistan.


A 100 Percent family owned group founded in 1973, made a conspicuous impact on the shipping , cargo handling and commodity trade in Pakistan. By virtue of its “ service oriented” approach the group has been successful in diversifying its activities and has made their mark on the national and international platforms . Seatrade Group was born with a vision to look beyond the ordinary and to discover hidden opportunities. Our aim was to achieve the difficult, to capture the unattainable, to pave roads towards newer vistas of challenges and on top of all this, to fill the demand –supply gap. Through the group’s seasoned and dedicated professionals who maintain excellent relations with all principals in trading, shipping and cargo handling, we now have clients all over the world who show strong faith in the services of Seatrade group. We have passed through every step in order to achieve the position we have in the market. It is the effort of our people, management and our principals that enable us to sustain our progress with consistency We owe it all to you.


71, Al-Badar,
Kokan Muslim Housing Society,
Hyder Ali Road. 74800.
Karachi, Pakistan.

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