Myande Group is a globally leading supplier of complete plants, equipment, and services for Oils & Fats, Starch & Derivatives, Fermentation, Evaporation & Crystallization, Material Storage and Handling and Smart Factory industries.
Myande Group currently has 1,000+ employees including 400 technical staff and 600 manufacturing workers. More than 800 complete plants have been supplied under Myande’s name in around 50 countries since 2003.

We Are Official Myande Agents

Sea Trade is the only authorized agent of Myande in Pakistan. Throughout 2017–18, 14 refineries and extraction plants have been erected by Sea Trade.
The industry is undergoing a change as a result of the Sea Trade that will eliminate the outdated methods of extraction and refinement.
Myande is expanding quickly and winning more business from Pakistan as a result of the positive reputation of Sea Trade in the solvent industry.
In order to encourage the owners of solvent plants to visit and learn about the latest technology of Myande’s extraction plant and refinery, the Chairman, Mr. Najib Balagamwala, frequently travels to China with them.
Sea trade has an expert team of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians, who are in charge of the whole installation of Myande’s plant in Pakistan.

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